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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Captcha Image not shown IE8

Internet Explorer users, do this first (IE, pre-8, should NOT be used: to many 'broken' security aspects):

Tools> Internet options> Security> tick the "Internet" icon> Security level box> set slider to "Medium high"> OK out.

Go to the site needing approval & copy the URL from address bar, then:
Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Sites> paste that URL into top line> Allow> OK> OK.

The "Pop-up Blocker" may also need to be modified to accommodate the site.
Tools> Internet Options> Pop up blocker heading> Settings> repeat URL pasting into the slot> Close> OK.

General cookie settings should be:

Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Advanced: tick "Override..."; Allow 1st party cookies;
Allow session Cookies
BLOCK 3rd Party cookies> OK> OK.

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